New office, new team

There have been changes afoot in JRC lately, and we’ve been so busy getting ourselves organised, we haven’t had a chance to let anyone know. Not only have we moved office, but we’ve got ourselves 2 brand new members of the team. Natalie is our new Office Manager, who’s quickly getting things into shape in the office, and Andy is heading up the Structural Engineering arm of the company, allowing us to take on a larger variety of projects, and provide a more comprehensive service.

Now we’re filling more chairs, we decided to move out of the rather cramped ‘man cave’ and break free into a more open plan space, making for a more inclusive working environment. We’ve always got an excess of cakes on the go, so feel free to drop by if you’re in the area and save our waistlines.

Amid the disruption, we’ve managed to fit in well overdue celebration for all the hard work of our team so far this quarter. With over 300 projects instructed since opening, as well as the growth of the company to offer structural engineering solutions, a trip to the local curry house was the least we could do to say thank you. A few drinks later and the team bonding was well underway, dodgy dance moves and all.

With a highly progressive start to the year so far, our vision to provide innovative design solutions to our customers remains our key focus, with a desire to grow our offering to meet more of our client’s requirements. We’re always happy to hear from talented, enthusiastic people who would be keen to join the team, so if this sounds like you, please do get in touch

To find out more about either of our new team members, check out their profiles on the meet the team page

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