Mountain Biking Trip to Haldon

JRC Consulting Engineers are keen to promote health and fitness for our team, and as such try to organise regular outdoor activities to promote this.

As part of this initiative we recently visited the Haldon Woods mountain bike trails. This proved to be a successful outing, although in hindsight it may have been wise to ease into the off road riding a little slower than we did. As for the 1 hours cycling enjoyed we managed to accumulate the following casualties:

  1. One rider was ejected from his bike and decided to get up close and personal with a large tree, resulting in a few grazes but nothing too serious
  2. Another one of us decided to slide down a slope in a particularly wet and rocky area, resulting in a deep laceration to his hand requiring multiple trips to the hospital in the following week
  3. And the one person who turned up on a brand new shiny bike managed to subsequently break it. The bike is now currently in the repair shop receiving some much needed TLC ready for the next trip

I’m assured however that fun was had by all, and we plan to visit again regularly once the various casualties are fully repaired!!!!

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