Join JRC Consulting Engineers


As a fast growing Civil and Structural Engineering consultancy with ambition, we’re always on the look-out for bright, creative-minded individuals to help us progress. If you have a passion or interest in engineering and enjoy a challenge, then this is the company for you. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is both a productive and enjoyable place to work, enabling our team to thrive. It is our aim is to cultivate a multidisciplinary workforce, who can develop and grow with the company.

We’re looking for people with a positive attitude, who’ll enrich our current team and add to our friendly, open and honest culture. If you think you could benefit JRC Consulting Engineers, please send us your CV and covering letter/email for review to 

What We Offer

Your salary is important, but it is just the start. We always recognise hard work and commitment to the company, and ensure staff are sufficiently rewarded to reflect this. We also value work life balance, and strive to offer an environment and pay structure that enables you to fulfil your aims, both inside and outside your working life.

Your Development

Progress is not only important to you as an individual, but also to the rest of the team at JRC Consulting. Whether you are just starting out as a graduate engineer or technician, or you’ve already established yourself in engineering, we will never hinder your development. JRC Consulting is committed to supporting you on your journey to evolve and better yourself.

Social Scene

Even thought it may not always seem like it, we know that life is more than just engineering. As a social bunch, we’re always looking to organise the next team night out, which can be anything from a pub tea, outdoor activities, to lunchtime lectures. We hope to find something that everyone enjoys, however, if none of the aforementioned are your thing, we are always open to suggestions for our next staff outing.