Do we really need more women in engineering?

It’s no secret we’re behind many of our European cousins when it comes to getting women into engineering roles. It was recorded in 2017 only 15.1% of undergrads were female, but we have had significant changes over the last few years that we think are worth celebrating. According to WISE (Women Into Science and Engineering), the UK had almost 58,000 women working as engineers, which is more than double the figure from just 6 years ago. This can only be a good thing. Why you may ask? You may or may not be aware as of 2018, we are experiencing an estimated annual skills shortfall of up to 60,000 in engineering, so quite frankly more skilled engineers are required across the board. But what are the benefits of diversifying the workforce, does it really make a difference who does the job, as long as they do it?

It could be argued a job done is all that is required, but there is much evidence to suggest embracing diversity drives innovation within an organisation. This results in better working practices and increased productivity, a better result all round. Not only this, but workforces report feeling more appreciated, better cared for by employers and more motivated when they worked within a diverse company. This has to be a win, win in our eyes.

Women tend to be the driving force behind many of the flexible working arrangements that employees benefits from today. With more women coming into the workforce, many employers recognised a need to change standard working hours and contracts to reflect the requirements of the traditional ‘caregiver’ role women typically held alongside their careers. Over the years, legislation has developed to allow for any employee to request the right for flexible working, whether they are caregivers or not. Perhaps this would have changed without the introduction of more females in the workforce, but there’s no denying women are the vehicle for a lot of the changes that have taken place in recent years.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on providing a working environment that is both productive and enjoyable, and therefore we offer a range of benefits to our employees, ensuring they feel appreciated. We recognise that staff who feel valued are more likely to be loyal, and ultimately work more effectively. And quite frankly we want to work in a pleasant environment ourselves!

We think we offer a great place to work and if we’ve convinced you too, we’re welcoming applications from all those with the relevant skills, man, woman or Other, whatever that may be.

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